The way of Jesus is an alternative to the ways of the world.  To discover, learn, and live faithfully according to Jesus’ way is a lifelong journey that involves every aspect of our lives. We start that journey by understanding that The Jesus Way can only be followed where Jesus is in charge. We live under Jesus’ authority and leadership; we live in His Kingdom. And so The Jesus Way is always pursuing and participating in Jesus’ Kingdom work as He reaches out through each of us to save and to bless. 


Our Sunday morning Children's Ministry program is called Kingdom Kidz and it runs during the 9am service. The goal of Kingdom Kidz at KBC is to help our children understand and participate in The Jesus Way. We want them to understand what it is to live in Jesus’ Kingdom. We long for our young to learn well how to reach out missionally and so bless our world. We pray and intend that generation by generation they will grow in their capacity to extend His divine touch in every place they may go, all their lives through.


Of course, these features of The Jesus Way cannot be learned in a class once per week.  We have focused Kingdom Kidz to offer the strongest possible ministry for children, but we understand the limitations of church programs. A child is best able to cope with the challenges of life and is more likely to make their faith their own in adulthood, continuing in The Jesus Way themselves, when they have been raised in a home and among some peers where a clear system of belief has been sincerely held and visibly lived out.

Children's Ministry at KBC

Kingdom Kidz; Sundays 8:50 - 10:15am
Pioneer Clubs; Wednesdays 6 -7:30pm



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