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Baptism is a New Testament practice signifying the sealing of a new relationship with God.

Baptism is:

  • initiated by God and illustrated through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
  • a visible portrayal in the life of the believer of the good news of being a new person in Christ,
  • an act of obedience and a public confession of faith that the Holy Spirit has begun a new work inside the life of the Christian,
  • an act of initiation into the believing community, the church.

It is first of all an act of obedience.

Jesus himself was baptized as a voluntary act in response to the teaching of John the Baptist. This is recorded in the Gospels in Matthew 3:13-17Mark 1:9-13Luke 3:21, 22 and John 1:32-34. Jesus taught clearly that we are to make disciples, go through baptism, and then encourage one another to live out the teachings found in the scriptures. Matthew 28:19, 20

Baptism is a sign of a voluntary decision and a step of faith.

It is an outward symbol of an inward act. It recognizes God as being the source of faith but respects and gives responsibility and dignity to the individual.

It symbolizes that a person has been forgiven and possesses a new life with God.

This means the new believer fully identifies with the life of Christ as recognized by Paul in his writings. As Jesus died and was resurrected to new life, so are we in baptism. Romans 6:1-4

Baptism has always been a public act signifying ones identification with, and acceptance into the community of Christ.

It has fundamentally been an act involving total immersion of the believer following Christ’s example in Matthew 3:16. In fact, the word used in the New Testament “to baptize” means, “to dip under water, to plunge, to immerse”. All through the New Testament the same word is used. Matthew 28:19Romans 6:3, 4 and Luke 3:16

It is the profound teaching of the New Testament that we are made new through faith.

Faith itself is a gift of God who reaches out to us and makes a difference in our lives. But we must respond volitionally to this offer made by God. No one person in the New Testament, not even the children of Christians, were baptized in the hope that one-day they may “come to believe”. They were all baptized as an expression of their newfound faith and as the initiation into the community of fellow Christians

The Act of Baptism

 Your decision to become baptized is the continuation of a long journey. You are entering into a wonderful way of life.

Once you have made that choice and attend a Baptism and Membership Class, you will meet with one of the elders of KBC to plan your baptism. They will review the importance of baptism and work alongside you to document your personal story. This is a great time of affirmation of what God has done.

Baptisms take place in the context of worship where our KBC community and your friends and relatives may participate.

The baptistry is located underneath the centre platform in the sanctuary of KBC. Part of the floor is removed to reveal a tank filled with warm water. We baptize by full immersion, lowering the person completely under the water to signify their immersion in Christ.

Special arrangements are made for individuals who may have a difficulty with the physical requirements involved with our baptistry, or wish to be baptized in an outdoor setting.

 If you are interested in baptism and want more information please contact
Bob Davies bdavies@kbc.ca