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Kanata Baptist Church (KBC) is a place to search out the reality and significance of the spiritual life. We believe passionately in Jesus Christ; that He leads us to a full understanding of life with God.

Many people who attend KBC find this church is a good place to think through spiritual issues and make decisions. We welcome all questions as relevant and all doubts as sincere. We support one another. We are committed to listening to each other’s spiritual concerns and prepared to give answers to the best of our ability, according to the teachings of the Bible.

One can be engaged at KBC and not become a member or be baptized. It is up to the individual to determine his or her particular relationship to the church community. However, we make no apologies for encouraging people to become members of KBC.

Why Consider Becoming a Member?

People in the early church who considered themselves Christians were strongly encouraged to relate and engage with a specific group of local believers. These “churches”, usually small groups in homes, practiced their faith together and lived out the disciplines of the Christian life.

Membership, or identification with a local body of believers, allows us to publicly declare that we are prepared to identify with these particular people in belief and lifestyle. It puts feet on the gospel by saying that individual pursuits are now placed in a community setting. Community life is a core value for the New Testament and is cherished by all who become believers.

Becoming a Member

KBC offers Membership Classes on a regular basis. The purpose of the class is not to fulfill a set of requirements but to reflect on our Christian experience and look at the practice of the Christian life. Participation in a Membership Class does not commit you to become a member of KBC; our goal is to embrace each other on a common journey and to affirm each other in our Christian walk.

When you choose to become a member plans are made to make that commitment clear to the congregation at large because membership is something to be thankful for and to celebrate.

Membership Class

Upcoming Membership and Baptism Classes will be listed on the Events Calendar.