Who We Are Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The leadership of KBC have produced a KBC mission document – Sharing Jesus, Growing Together, Serving Others – to clarify our mission as a foundation for our ministry. The introduction to the document states:

“The purpose of this document is to state in as clear a way as possible what we at KBC hold to be true about God and His call to us to join Him on His mission. We begin this document with a theological foundation of what we hold to be true about our faith. It then moves into a practical theology relating to God’s greater purposes to our callings to live this out in our own community of faith. We continue with some comments on our particular calling as a church and then our core mission. Finally, we take a look at the ministries we are called to live out that put our beliefs into action and the principles that govern our conduct and guard our intent to serve God.”

This document forms the basis of all we do at KBC and will be broken out into useable formats in our communication pieces.

Thank you for your support and engagement in the critical mission that we share with our Saviour.

Bob Davies

Pastoral Team Leader

Mission Statement