Who We Are History


Kanata Baptist Church (KBC) began in 1975 as a mission work in the growing community of Kanata, west of what was then Ottawa. The congregation met in a local school during its early years and steadily grew into a viable and dynamic Christian community. Over this period we purchased land and built the first facility in 1985. The building served well as a worship, teaching, and education center for its various ministries.

After much discussion and prayer the facility was significantly altered to reflect the present structure. This new facility, completed in 2001, was designed to meet fresh needs in education, worship and administration. It is full of the latest in technology and forms a wonderful home for the varied ministries and outreaches of the church community. The building itself is warm, friendly and multi purpose. The presence of art, lovingly created by church artisans, fill the walls and give expression to our faith and journey together.

The church offers an array of ministries to people of all ages. Being a young and vital church, ministry to children, youth, and families has been paramount and forms much of what we do in our body life together. As we have seen our church grow, many new fields of ministry have opened up to people of all age groups and needs. The diversity of the church is one of its greatest strengths and joys.

The church draws from a wide area of West Ottawa and outlying towns such as StittsvilleRichmond, and Carp. People are employed in three main areas. Approximately one third of the area workforce is employed by the federal government in various capacities. Another third work in the numerous high technology firms that dominate the west end of Ottawa (known as “Silicon Valley North”). The balance of the work force comprises sectors such as education, health care and other service oriented professions.

We enjoy vibrant worship, with lively and meaningful music, strong lay participation and relevant preaching. The life of Christian community and its inherent yearning for relationship building, caring and encouragement are at the heart of our life together.

The ministry of small groups is one of our strengths as a church. There are dozens of groups of from 8 to 12 people meeting regularly for Bible study, fellowship and prayer for one another. It is the Christian faith in action, learning how to love one another.

KBC has a vital role in our community and is recognized as a church that puts action with its words. It has undertaken certain specific ministries that have helped change people’s lives in significant ways.

In 1994 we completed a non-profit housing complex on land behind our church consisting of 96 units of housing (51 apartments and 45 townhouse units). Stonewick Heights has been a wonderful development for people needing housing and help in many areas of their life. For more information on Social Housing click here.

We gave birth to a palliative care ministry that continues to give service to our community.

We have teamed up with the Christian Counselling Ottawa to house their west end office. This vital ministry helps people in all walks of life through personal, marital and family issues. For more information on Counselling click here.

As we continue to grow, our biggest challenge is to continue to communicate the love of Jesus Christ to people who desire to meet God.