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Small Groups

A vital part of the KBC community is the number of Small Groups that meet regularly in homes for Bible study and fellowship.

Why do you need to be in a Small Group?

Community is a theme that runs throughout Scripture. God has always been calling out a people for Himself, beginning with Israel and continuing with the church. Small Groups were an integral part of the early church structure. Small Groups allow individual members to minister to one another, use their spiritual gifts, and be discipled in the teachings of Christ. As believers in Christ, we are called to live in mutually accountable relationships as we reflect the loving character of God, walk in step with the Spirit, and build up the church in order to proclaim the Good News to the world.

Three reasons to join a Small Group:

  1. Life can be very challenging. Jesus actually tells us that we will have troubles in this life. Small Group is a great place to find answers and support for the challenges we will all face in life. 
  2. Everyone wants to have meaningful relationships; in Small Group you can discover just that with like-minded individuals who have chosen to do life together and help each other seek the Lord. We were never created to live in isolation but rather in community. When we are in community with others, life has meaning and purpose. 
  3. Following Jesus is not a Sunday morning ritual but rather a daily relationship. Being in a Small Group is vital to building and fostering our relationship with the Lord. 

How do I Join a Small Group?

Contact the church office and indicate your interest in joining a Small Group. We will be placing people in existing or new groups throughout the year. 

Two or three times a year, we will also offer focused sign-up opportunities.

If you would like more info on Small Groups or you would like to join one, please contact