Walking Together Pre/Post Conference Exploring

Pre/Post Conference Exploring

Walking Together

October 20, 2020

Dr. Cheryl Bear:  "Indigenous Values, Identity and Land"

May 2020 Video Interview

Recent articles:

  1. “A Truth that Hurts” pp 18-19
  2. “Journey of Reconciliation” 

October 28, 2020

Dr. Alan Corbiere:  "Canada's True Creation Story"

April 2020 video keynote: “Indigenous Archived Knowledge & Stories”  

March 2015 video keynote: “Underlying Importance of Wampum Belts”  

December 2014 video on the history of treaty-making between the British and First Nations showing that the negotiation and formation of treaties is a process rather than a singular event   

November 3, 2020

former Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come:  "It is all about Relationship – It is all about the Land."

Background on Dr Coon Come  

July 2017 keynote at the signing of Cree Nation Governance Agreement

Nov 2018 keynote on key moments in 4 decades of work for Cree governance

November 9, 2020

Dr. John Borrows:  "We Are All Treaty People."

Description and brief extract for The Right Relationship edited by John Borrows and Michael Coyle

  1. Description for The Right Relationship
  2. Extract from The Right Relationship

Summary of key moments from 1763 and 1764 regarding the Royal Proclamation and also the Treat of Niagara

November 18, 2020

An Indigenous Musical Evening with Musician, Singer, and Songwriter Jonathan Maracle 

YouTube channel

Understanding Drum Protocol