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Walking Together

Session Recordings

Good news! Have you missed some of the sessions? The first two sessions have been recorded and posted.  The links can be found at Event Recordings


Free Registration

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be a cost to register, but registration for all attendees is required.

You are welcome to register for one, or all of the events.

MEETING LINK: The link for each session will be sent to attendees the morning of that specific lecture.



If you feel a desire to make a donation to an Indigenous charity or ministry consider these organizations or choose one of your own. (However a donation is certainly not required). Thank you!

Registration Instructions:

  • Register for the session(s) you can attend. As the conference has started, only the upcoming sessions are available for registration.
  • If two people will be sharing a device and registering together, please select 1 for the ticket, but put both first names in the Contact Information box when completing your registration. (example: John and Joan)

Questions about your registration?

Contact kbc@kbc.ca

MEETING LINK: The link for each speaker session will be sent out the morning of that specific session. If you have not received your the meeting link email by 10:30am, please contact kbc@kbc.ca 

Walking Together